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Hi There,

After attending the event in Jakarta, in a less than 8 hours, me and my friends catching up the plane to attend "flumpool Special Mini Live Acoustic Special Edition" in SWITCH, Bras Basah, Singapore.
This event was special, since it was the first time flumpool held an acoustic live outside Japan

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Hi There,


Last Saturday, on Feb 15, 2014, I was attending  Waku Waku Japan Music Festival,  in Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia.
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01 February 2014 @ 03:10 am
Hi There,

Like Finally!
I know it's been February, and I've been planning to write this since the end of last Dec.
These 10 songs are the soundtrack of my life during 2013 (not songs that released in 2013). The songs that I played on loop in my ipod. most of them are Japanese, well, eventho my Japanese is worst, but music is music, rite?!
No, I won't talk about technical since I'm not a musician or an expert in music, and I listen to music only by my ears and my heart. If I my heart said good, then it's good for me. Simple as that. Life is complicated already. lol

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Thank you for stopping by. Sorry for my grammar. Not a Master too.
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22 December 2013 @ 11:37 pm
Hi There,

So, there's an expo that was held by Japan - Indonesia.........okay, i'm too lazy to search the details, but they invited WEAVER!
yes, those dragon babies were coming to Jakarta.

I was quite happy since they played a song that I haven't seen live before.
They started with Shall We Dance, then Kanseitou, Hard to say I love you (and Micchan's version kept playing in my head *kick* ) , the english version of Wraith, Free Will ! yes they played it, I was so happy, like finally , my fave song from Handmade ~♥ , Tokidoki Sekai, and Shine !
We screamed for encore, and they came out with Bokura no Eien ~♥

They talked Bahasa Indonesia, Sugi kept saying "sampai jumpa" (oh sure, I believe we'll meet again) .
That was a nice performance. Hopefully one day I could see them in Livehouse in Japan (or SG again)  for one man live.

nb :
- additional info, the artist after WEAVER is the sister group of the oh phenomenal forty eight, so there were many of their fans waiting for them. Can I say something? dear boys who love those girls, please use deodorant, seriously.

- no pic, I didn't take pic. Too lazy as always
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Hi There!

I'm just going back from my less than 24-hour trip, attending TOKYO FM EARTH × HEART Project ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION × STRAIGHTENER ~10th Anniversary Asia Circuit~ in *SCAPE, Singapore, on Dec 20, 2013.


Me and my friend, finally decided to attend this live, and that was the BEST decision.
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That was a memorable trip and that was the most "see you when i see you" moment!
Music bring us together. So true.
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