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23 November 2014 @ 09:58 pm
SUMMER SONIC OSAKA 2014 - Day 2 - 17.08.2014  
Hi There,

- not a report, posted it for my memory's sake only -


okay, it took almost 2 months for me to write this.
It was the second day of Summer Sonic in Osaka, we were arriving at the venue around 10 AM (after sleeping only few hours), and catching the first performer

Coldrain (Mountain Stage)
at 11:30 AM at the Muddy... eh.. Mountain Stage. Fyi, the weather was so hot, I checked it with my phone, it was around 34 degrees of Celcius. Actually I was kinda interested to check out Yonghwa's good looking at flower stage, but since they played at the same time with Coldrain, well.. sorry, Masato and their music won.
It was my first time watched Coldrain's live, didn't join the mosh pit since I was afraid I would collapse (IT WAS SO HOT, me and my friend kept using that spray face to stay alive ...and I was still saving my energy for TOKIO at the afternoon too.
Masato's voice was nyatah! (awesome-red) , he could reach high and that "graooo" notes perfectly. They played their hit songs, such as The Revelation. Crowd did the wall of death, on that muddy soil.

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas (Mountain Stage)
I was kinda interested with their music. It's dance, rock, screamo, yep, stuffs like that. Didn't follow their songs actually, but I enjoyed their performance and kept dancing (while kept face-spraying myself). The members were very active dancing around the stage, so was the crowd.

While waiting for Babymetal (still at Muddy.. no.. Mountain Stage) , we went to the back and sat on the ground at the smoking area since that area had a tent, to kept us alive from the heat. lol.

IMG_0166-vert     IMG_0163

Babymetal (Mountain Stage)
These kids.. mm.. they are kids anyway. To be honest, instead of the kids or their voices, I was more paying attention to their band, which wiki-called Babybone,  they were awesome, I love how they kicked that rock songs. Oh, and the crowd was interesting too, their fans looked like 48's fans, but they did wall of death. I like their hoodie towel.

We took a rest for a while and looked for food in Lawson inside the area. I ate rice, and rice, and rice. Seriously, I didn't care about my diet program or stuffs, since I needed LOADS of energy. So I had rice menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks time (I had OnigiriS for snacks).

Chthonic (Flower Stage)
Actually, we didn't know about them or their music, but since we wanted to get a good spot for Another Story and TOKIO so we've already stood by at Flower Stage. They are from Taiwan, vocalist has a good English, their music is rock, more to hardcore metal, no wonder they love to did the headbanging, especially the Vocalist since he has the long black straight pretty hair. I enjoyed their performance tho, well, I like death metal too.

20140817_161113     20140817_162827

The schedule board for Flower Stage and the view from us
to the stage right after Chthonic and we stood there until the end of TOKIO's performance.
Another Story (Flower Stage)
Right after Chthonic finished their performance, me and my friend rushed to the center front of moshpit, finally we ended up around the center's steel bar (you know, there's an area where usually the frontman came down off the stage and walked or ran to the crowd). Okay, about the band, my friend is a fan of them, I'm not listening to their song but yeah, they are in the same management with my first story. So their songs was in a same type of MFS. I like the live voice of the vocalist, his voice is good.
Fyi, there were lots lots lots of ppl on the crowd when AS were playing, well you could guess that most of them were waiting for TOKIO or FTIsland (well, most of , TOKIO) , even the vocalist also mentioned about it.
Oh, and there was Hiroki (MFS) too! Hey, It's been a year since we saw him at Ebisu Liquidroom! He was on stage but didn't join the band, he just recorded the performance and crowd. He was cute btw, with that white shirt and his white skin, lol.


TOKIO (Flower Stage)
After AS, no one move out from the crowd, it's like everybody there were waiting for TOKIO, so the crowd was stood still, watching the preparation for band's performance. I COULD SEE MABO's DRUM! <3, I could see that ppl were also watching from a far, like from of Sonic Stage Area. I saw some of women were wearing two ticket wristbands, Tokyo 16/08 and Osaka 17/08, meant that they followed TOKIO, hardcore.
And Yeay! Finally! One of my fave Johnny's! This was the second time I attended their live. Last time it was 1718 Tour at Nippon Budokan in 2012. But this time was totally different, I was at the moshpit! I WATCHED TOKIO AT THE MOSHPIT! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I EVEN DIDNT DARE TO DREAM BEFORE?! okay, I was soooo excited, moshpit means got pushed and pushed, and could feel the heat all over your body. lol. Ah, before they came out, there was a man from the rights side screaming for "Shigeru! Shigeru!" so, the rest of crowd were following him (including us), screaming "Shigeru! Shigeru! Shigeru!" while clapping our hands.
They came out! Aish... Nagase was wearing black shirt and black pants. I remember Mabo covered his hair with something, Taichi and Gussan with short pants, and Joushima with...... okay, I forgot! I kept my eyes to Nagase during their live that I didn't notice what was happening with others, MAN IT WAS THE FIRST TIME I SAW HIM THAT CLOSE FROM THE STAGE AND I DIDN'T KNOW WHEN WILL I SEE HIM AGAIN!
They started it with 宙船 , crowd was jumping, shoulder to shoulder were jumping. I totally forgot they were Idol, boys girls men women all of them were exciting for TOKIO. AMBITIOUS JAPAN!, then Water Light! that was my first time seeing this song live, it's a rock-ish song, no Johnny's feel at all, haha..! リリック , I was very very happy when Nagase sang the intro part, I really like this song, perhaps from some of their new songs, this is my fave song.LOVE,HOLIDAY, their very new song, tbh, not fond of it, but whatever, I kept jumping and looking to Nagase wherever he was. Sunset.Sunrise, CAN YOU BELIEVE I WATCHED SUNSET,SUNRISE WITH MY OWN EYES?! Still clearly remember in my head, Nagase started to play the intro with his guitar, moved his body forward, then there's a light from the afternoon sun showered him, made a kind of silhouette, it was so asdfjklmnonopljujsuwmjusk... then he started singing, I was shivered and almost cried tbh, lol. They closed their performance with Love you only, I always love this song live, no matter how many times I've been listening to it. The atmosphere was amazing, from the band and the crowd. It's like they could blow the venue up with the songs, lol. Crowd was singing from the first part of the song, then the screaming of lyrics were getting louder when Nagase asked us to sang the almost end part "Kimi gaaa...."  Thousands of people were singing together and raising their hands, it's just oowaaah! (the feeling of being at the moshpit was totally different with the seating live, Moshpit ftw!). Oh, I saw someone sat on the other's shoulder when sang it. Then, Taichi took a pic of  us (crowd, hehe..) with his phone, and put it on his j-web. Overall on his j-web, he said he was nervous at first with this summer festival experience, but then he was very happy seeing that lots of ppl came to watch them. Taichi, your band attracted LOADS of ppl!

after TOKIO's live, we had rest for a while at the side of Flower Stage Area
The Sky was pretty!
FTISLAND (Flower Stage)
We just wanted to take a rest after standing for hours, so we sat at the right side of the stage area. Next performer was FTI, Korean band. Compared to the last perfomer, their crowd was lesser, rrrrr.. way lesser. We still could see the stage from sitting at the right side. When Lee Hong Ki came out, he's wearing short pants, baseball cap with his pink hair (the vocalist, I knew him from watching Kdrama, but I didn't listen to his songs), me and my friend were surprised, we always know that FTI songs were not this rock-ish, more to slow pop, but this time, the guitar played it loud, so suddenly we stood up and got excited, hehehe..
We checked out their performance about 3 ? 4? songs? (and yes, the songs were getting slower, only the first song, it was rrrock) then we had a meal in Lawson (again!). Fyi, Hong Ki's live voice is so good. I like it.

Arctic Monkeys (Ocean Stage)
We had meals again, I bought rice again, we sat at the rest area, and listening to Arctic Monkeys. Oh no, they already started playing, but since we still exhausted, so we just kept eating. lol. They played Do I Wanna Know?, Damn! I wanna see it, but I kept sitting and  munching my meals. hahaha...
Then after we had meals, we walked to Ocean Stage, but since we still exhausted, so right after AM played Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? , we sat at the back and watched them from a faaaar...
well, I only knew few songs of them tho, the vocalist was very Necis! (I don't know how to say it in English), he loves to move his skinny body.

Phoenix (Sonic Stage)
The closing band for Summer Sonic Osaka 2014. We headed to Indoor Sonic Stage, chose the second floor (seating floor). Again, only knew some of their songs, but it was exciting to see them. You know when you're attending live in Japan, the staffs were very strict warned us not to take photoshoots during artist's performance, but the Phoenix's vocalist said to the staff "it's okay, it doesn't kill us anyway" , so people started to put their phones up (kalo di Indonesia itu SLR ama tongsis udah dimana-mana kali yee)
Then, the vocalist jumped off the stage, crowd surfing to the center of the crowd then singing, then going back to the stage by crowd surfing (again), he was quite crazy! then, he sang the closing song, I didn't know the title but familiar with the song, people were raising their hands, and singing. Stage light  was awesome too. Japan's stage light never fail to amuse me.

20140817_214409     IMG_0185
Phoenix at the Sonic Stage

And it's over, my first summer festival in the land of the raising sun, my summer in my last 20s.

Thank you so much Summer Sonic, for the experiences and memories.
See you when I see you, summer festival!
nb   : Some of the pics were taken by tetsu69ers (thank you sista!)
nb2 : Sorry for my grammar, not a native, and not good in English either.

next event :  NICO Touches the Walls Nippon Budokan, Tokyo
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