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04 September 2014 @ 01:53 am
SUMMER SONIC OSAKA 2014 - Day 1 - 16.08.2014  
Hi There,

- not a report, posted it for my memory's sake only -

gelang    wallpaper

Attending for Osaka one, at Maishima Arena.

The essential stuffs to bring when attending outdoor event during summer in 4-seasons-country :  cash, hat, towel, facial spray, sun protection lotion, and rain coat (anything can happen). The MOST important thing : keep hydrated.

Buying ticket for Summer Sonic is the easiest,  for buying gigs' tickets in Japan , cos it has International Ticket! which you can access it through their official website (they provided English Page too!) and click buy (they accepted overseas credit card). Then we exchange the confirmation email with the wristband on the event's day at the information center (don't forget to bring your passport with you).

To reach the venue, we had to take a shuttle bus from some departing points, one of them was Sakurajima Station.
Bought the Shuttle Bus Ticket at Lawson with help from the Lawson guy. It costs 1000 yen/day  or 800yen/day if bought it in advance.
In front of Sakurajima Station, lining for the Shuttle Bus Service

Arrived around 10 AM, Joined a long lining for official goods, and buy what we need to buy, then check out the stages!

CROSS GENE (Flower Stage)
First performer that we saw in Summer Sonic, they're boyband, from Amuse (I guess). Actually I didn't know about their music, so I just watched them, dancing and greeting their fans.

Mayday (Mountain Stage)
Mountain stage was the furthest stage. We have to a little bit hike.
That was the third time I saw Mayday, before that I've watched them twice as a guest at flumpool's concerts.
When they played Do yo ever shine? , it started to rain heavily, but people keep on dancing, and me too, keep on dancing while putting my raincoat on. And the rain kept pouring down until the end of Mayday's performance.
For the first time I found out : it feels great to dance in the rain.

mountain    jas ujan

A Great Big World (Ocean Stage)
Ocean Stage is the biggest stage. Actually A Great Big World cancelled their performance cos it's not safe to use their equipments during the rain. They came to the stage and said very sorry. But later, the vocalist came out again with ukulele and sang Say Something . He said that this performance never happened before. If you want to check out the performance, they uploaded it on their official youtube :

 many people rushed to get back to the stage when they realized he started to sing. It was a good performance!

ファンキー加藤 (Ocean Stage)
Funky Kato, former member of Funky Monkey Babys. His songs were dynamic and easy listening. So you feel you wanna dance. My fave is 輝け .He played the FMB's too . あとひとつ brought nostalgic feelings for the fans, a girl was spotted crying when the music started to play. 悲しみなんて笑い飛ばせ , it felt awesome, spinning the towel together, could see massive spinning towel moment!
Yes, spinning towel while jumping and dancing for this song , felt so good!

BLUE ENCOUNT (Flower Stage)
Unrelated with the live performance, but when we were running to the flower stage, I dropped my towel without noticing it, and helloooo it's in Japan! a girl was running to me and brought my towel back (I got my 3000yen towel back! yeay!).
Back to the live performance, actually I don't familiar with their songs but I enjoyed their performance.
It was raining again, dancing and jumping was the right thing to do!

KEYTALK (Flower Stage)
I listened to their music before, so I wonder how they sounded live. It was interesting, their live music sounded like in the recording. I like how they quickly change the tempo in a song, it was smooth in live. But perhaps the vocal, a bit out of note (or slipped out) . But overall it was fun, パラレル is nice.

We were planning to see きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ at Sonic Stage, but it was already a huge lining to that stage (Sonic Stage is an indoor stage, they have seating part too), and the staff already said that there's a chance that the venue couldn't fit all the audiences. Seriously, it was loads of ppl, like most of ppl were heading to Sonic Stage. So, we changed the plan and went to Lawson, had some foods, rest at Oasis area.

Ellie Goulding (Mountain Stage)
I only knew two of her songs, but watching her earlier just to get the good spot to watch the Hiatus (right after her performance).
So, her voice was soft just like.. that. But I enjoyed dancing, especially when two songs of her (that I knew) were singing. The songs were I need your love and Burn.

the HIATUS (Mountain Stage)
The band that I've been wanting to see live. The soil of Mountain stage was full of mud (should have worn boots), I stood at Ueno san side. Hosomi san was preparing his own equipment by himself, then he covered "Let it be - The Beatles" with acoustic guitar while doing sound check. So pretty.
They started it with Storm Racer! Okay, I wont write all the setlist in here, they played 11 songs, you can check it on http://setlist.mx/concerts/161508 .Something Ever After , this song really sweet and something, lol. Thirstthe music is real , in Bahasa Indonesia, nyatah! the sound was awesome great . Silver Birch! , I screamed out loud and raising my hand as high as could be,  when "when we were kids, nothing was left behind the wall! When we were kids, stars were always shining bright!", I love it. Lone Train Running, I never though that this song will be so great in live, and even now every time I listen to this song, I still can feel that day, screaming out loud when Hosomi san asked me to "we are getting awaaaaay now" while raising my hand hoping he'd take me away. lol. Insomnia! who want to be saved? lol. Yes, screaming "saaaaaaave me!" is a must!! It's the song that made me listen to the Hiatus, I was glad they didn't change their setlist, since they always play it on festival. 紺碧の夜に , after only watching it on video, finally I could see this song live and join the crowd in jumping. Happy. So happy to watch their live.
I really really really really really want to attend their one man live, it's gonna be super awesome to watch them with 20 songs.
nb : Hosomi san wore Livehouse daisakusen's shirt, and he was soooo fine in real.

lumpur    sepatu
Mountain stage at the afternoon and my lovely shoes.

Avril Lavigne (Ocean Stage)
Eventhough she had been to Indonesia twice, but I never attend her live before, so this time, we felt nostalgic seeing her singing the old songs. When we arrived at Ocean Stage, she already started (the schedule was in a same time with the HIATUS) . We were watching her while singing out loud of her old songs. She sang Happy Ending, believe me, I remember all the lyrics, so, we sang together with Avril. After that, I'm with you , It's a damn cold night, trying to figure out this life, Oh right, I know all the lyrics too. Complicated, who doesn't know this song, high school time. She sang He Wasn't but we d to rushed to Flower Stage to watch Pentatonix, so actually I danced while walking to Flower stage.

Pentatonix (Flower Stage)
Their voices were so great and their ability to mix and switch the songs in a song were awesome. their Beyonce's evolution was crazy. They mixed lots of songs and it was crazy. They sang Bieber, Gaga, Ellie, and mixed it. Just wow. They invited one of the audiences on stage, and sang for her. One of the member, the man, who has very deep voice, gosh, his raw voice, made my ears feel brrrr. lol


QUEEN + Adam Lambert (Ocean Stage)
The Legendary QUEEN, never ever come accross my wildest dream that I would see them live on stage (minus Freddy Mercury, RIP) . Never ever crossed my mind that I would scream "oooooooooo" in Fat Bottomed Girl (it was raining!),  sing together in Somebody to love, watch Brian May played acoustic guitar in Love of my life, see These Are the Days of Our Lives was played (with Freddie's video) , dance in Under Pressure,  do the clapping hands on Radio Ga Ga, then clapping hands too in We Will Rock You, watch the best song ever in the history of music with my own eyes Bohemian Rhapsody (they combined it with Freddie's part, with VTR), and witness We are the Champions.
I cannot say dreams come true, cos I never dare to dream it. It still feel surreal watching them (eventhough from a far).
But.... I just watched QUEEN with my own eyes!
and by the way, Adam Lambert did a great job sang QUEEN's.

a little bit of QUEEN
the telephones (Midnight Sonic - Sonic Stage)
I was having disco time at Maishima Arena! It was sooo fun! some of their setlist were  Hyper Jump , when it was played your feet automatically jumped and your body would automatically dance!  Keep your disco!, Monkey Discooo, Don't Stop The Move, and Keep On Dancing!!! (my fave!)
Nobu san was running out of stage and went to the crowd, he ran quite fast that suddenly I realized that he was right in front of me, he's quite crazy. lol.

We got out from Sonic Stage around 11 PM, so we could catched the latest shuttle bus at 11.30 PM, and latest train from Sakurajima Station was at 00:03 AM.
It's in Japan, so everything was on time, no need to worry.

Arrived at hostel room with the wrinkle and white pale feet cos of the wet shoes. We dried our stuffs (shirts,towel,socks, etc) with drying machine , washed our muddy-shoes and dried them with hairdryer, it was around 1.30 AM. I guess finally we slept around 3.30AM on our tatami. お休み.

Summer in my last 20s!
next event : SUMMER SONIC OSAKA 2014 - Day 2  - 17.08.2014
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