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10 June 2014 @ 10:14 am
Hi There,

--- not a concert report, just posted it for my memory's sake ---

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I never thought that I would attend their live, since they didn't hold a Japan tour in 2012 and 2013 , so I've put them as "a band that I would never see their live" , and I didn't dare to hope they'd come to outside Japan.
But life is interesting huh?! at the end of last year, they announced "RADWIMPS GRAND PRIX 2014", a long tour and they included SINGAPORE!  YEAH!

So, It was announced that live in SG would be on 07.06.2014 at TAB, Orchard.
Do I have to be asked will I go or not? Are you kidding me? it's RADWIMPS!

I took a flight from Jakarta on June 7, 2014 in the morning to Singapore.
Joined the crowd to queue around 2.30 PM. It's about 20?? ppl in front of us. Managed to meet up with the girls too <3
While lining, I realized there were many ppl speaking Japanese. Yep, lots of the ppl who lined are Japanese, whether they lived in SG or flew from Japan to SG (whoaaa...), most of them were youngsters, and I met another two Indonesian too, who flew from Jakarta.  So, from what I saw from lining, most of Japanese fans are youngsters, while most of overseas fans are adults.
Goods were sold at 3 PM, bought a black shirt and towel, and yes, another waiting part in the sunny day (I miss numbered tickets :| )


Show was started at 7PM, Door opened around 6.30PM? (as I remembered). Managed to stand on the third row at the center of the stage. Man, TAB was so small! I read on its website, the capacity is around 250-300 for standing, the stage was so close to audiences.


7 PM, they came out, and I cried.
Hahaha... yes.

and forgive me, I couldn't remember all the songs in the setlist especially the order.
Again, my brain is not that sophisticated. lol

They kicked the show with ギミギミック , people jumping! Crowd was very hyped with the song.  One Man Live, still jumping . Enren OMG it's Enren! haha..  I love when the crowd sang yeee... ooo... in Iron Bible05410-() crowd was going crazy, we sang along almost for the whole song, and jumping for sure.  . Oshakashama the amazing song! the instruments battle was AH-MA-ZING. Iin Desuka? they started the clapping sound then crowd were clapping their hands almost for whole song, and yes, we were singing together for the reff. Oooh..that was too good to be real. In the end of the song Noda said Aishiteruyo.  Tummy! I remember Noda's very happy face when he asked us to sing the reff part together, and then he said with his beautiful voice "beautiful" (I thought my heart was stopped that time).  Mas. I was very surprised they played this song! Futarigoto  , my hands were shaking when they started to play it. lol.  Then, Noda moved to keyboard and they played Last Virgin. DADA! AWESOME! all ppl were getting crazy jumping and singing, in the end of the song Noda acted like what he did in the latest DVD.   Yuushinron  <3 <3 <3 君と羊と青 that made people yee..yee..and jumping. 会心の一撃 my fave song from the new album! everybody was jumping like crazy (again and again and again) then they said thank you and went to the backstage.

Crowd asking for encore by singing Moshimo (seriously, I was working hard to remember some lines in that song since my Japanese is the worst) . They came out and sang : Tremolo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and the last song was Darma Grand Prix.
They said thank you, all members held hands and bowed, you could see how happy they were with the crowd.

RADWIMPS created magic that night.

credit : RADWIMPS twitter account

Additional Infos:
- Satoshi was being called, then Noda told audiences that he was very good in Chinese, and let him spoke Chinese. (which I have no Idea what he said)

- Kuwahara was trying to give MC with English by saying that he was happy to be in SG, and already had ... *mentioned some foods*, then after he finished talk, Noda asked if the audiences understood Japanese, lots of ppl raising hands. then again, Noda said you let him talked in English, while actually you understood what I was saying (in japanese). People were laughing.

- Before Futarigoto, Noda was ready to play with his keyboard , but before that, he asked the audiences "Is there any of you who come from country other than China, Japan, and SG?" , We were raising hands and shouted : "Indonesia!!!". Noda repeated "Indonesia?" *from what my friends said, Noda said he wanted to come to Indonesia* (I was blanked after he said Indonesia, cos his eyes were looking at us), then he bowed and said "thank you very much for coming", I was like in seventh heaven that time.lol. Funny thing happened after that, Takeda reminded Noda that the next song was not that, then Noda like "ah", then he went straight to mic and sang futarigoto.

- Takeda! he was so cool. He spoke in English + Japanese + Chinese, overall he said that tonight was fun, he was happy, it's their first time in SG, he didn't think that SG would give them a very warm welcome like this. Noda teased him and said that Takeda's Japanese was not good, perhaps because of his lips, lol, then Noda said, Takeda's Chinese was better.

- The crowd atmosphere of this LIVE was so great awesome ohyeah, from all of lives in all cities of all countries that I've attended, this is the best crowd that I've ever had. Singing and jumping . All people were there together because of their music and having fun, and they all respect RADWIMPS.

- Reminded me of Japan's Livehouse, there were lots of interactions happened between audiences and band. TAB is nice place, the sound system is better than other SG’s venue that I’ve been before. It’s good for not a big gig.

- No camera, No video. I LOVE IT! People were busy having fun!

- No pushing, eventhough we stood very close to each other and jumped like crazy, but no one tried to push to front (except when the member wanted to say goodbye and touched the audiences’ hands)

- Noda Yojiro is an awesome frontman, he could build all the emotions, I just love when he started to dance, and also he speaks  fluent English.

- That was my first time watching RADWIMPS live , from what I saw, the relationship between members looks really close. We could see that they have been friends for long time that understand each other

- Before I attended their Live, I always thought that they are serious band, all members are serious person, especially Noda, but after I saw them, they are funny guys! They like to tease each other.

- And from what I saw too, RADWIMPS really enjoyed the crowd. You could tell it from their face and how they played and how they love to jump <3

- They promised to go back to SG! (will wait for that day to come for sure)


nb : sorry for my grammar
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