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18 April 2014 @ 10:55 pm
First Concert!  
Hi There,


I read about concert's meme, it was said : "I didn't realize how much that first concert was going to change my life"

Then I remembered about my first concert, it was MR.BIG on January 22, 2000 at Bengkel Night Park (this place... has gone now) , Jakarta. The tix was IDR 75K or about USD 7 (Using Dad's money, which I'm not proud of it, but yeah, I was a student at that time) .
I was 15 years old on that time, 3rd grade on Junior High School. My big brothers asked me, whether I want to go with them or not (last time I wanted to watch Bon Jovi in 1995, my parents and brothers didn't allow me sich I was.... too kid. 10 years old for the record,  MR. BIG in 1997 too! Actually, if I chose to attend boy bands' concert at that time (Westlife, and all boybands squad), my parents would allow me to go, even asked my cousin to accompany me, but at that time, the problem was : I had no interest to watch boyband's concerts, it was just too.. berisik) ------ > tapi sekarang cita-citanya nonton One Direction lho ;p

So I said "YES. FOR SURE I WANT IT !" . No ticket-selling via internet that time, so my brother had to go to record store (Aquarius Mahakam, and this place has been shut down last year :'| ) and line up to buy the concert tickets.
Before going to the concert, my parents told me : "always be with your brothers! don't go alone in the crowd". lol. and also to my brothers : "take a good care of your sister! don't go to the front!" .
So I was going there with my brothers, oldest brother's girlfriend (wife now), and brothers' bff. What I still remember was, when brothers' bff bought the con t-shirt, he said to me "when you watch concert, keep the ticket and  buy the shirt's con" . But I didn't buy the shirt that time, I have no money in my pocket! and I forgot why I didn't ask to my brothers. Btw, here's in my jeans pocket : Student ID Card and (polyphonic) cellphone ( which was mom's actually).

Since it was sponsored by cigarettes' company, when we entered the venue, they gave each person a pack of cigarettes. Even me! (mmm.. actually, my body didn't look like a 15 years old), my brothers grabbed it fast from my hand. lol.
The venue looked like a live house. The area and stage was not too big.
I was quite at back, since my brothers kept standing behind me, and everytime I wanted to move forward, one of them grabbed my shoulder and said "just stay here!"

There was no Paul Gilbert that time, The guitarist was Richie Koetzen (ex-Poison). I remember Billy Sheehan threw his hair band. Eric Martin's voice was good, but I'd still prefer his voice in JAVA ROCKIN LAND 2009, great.  (yep, I watched them again 9 years after that).

"The moment" was happened when Take Cover was played.  I was still awkward that time, it was my first rock concert anyway,  so when the intro was played, I still remember my brother's face and said while he was jumping : "cmon! JUMP!!". So I jumped, yes, adrenaline rush. It was my first jumping in a concert, and I felt so relieved. Floor was shaking because all of people were jumping, and I was soooo excited.
That was the moment when I felt : I love being in here, I love this kind of atmosphere, I want to watch and experience mooore!

I was saying that, but it had to wait for 5 years, I didn't watch any concerts until Simple Plan first one man live in Jakarta, 2005 (which I used my saving account to buy the tix). Perhaps, because no bands that caught my attention, and most important thing, I didn't have my own money.  And since 2008, I got a job, so. yeah, and the story continued......until now.

So, here it is... Take Cover!

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nakulayannakulayan on April 20th, 2014 09:50 pm (UTC)
this is bad but i always lose my con ticket.
wordo: micchanwordofophelia on April 21st, 2014 06:08 am (UTC)
I tried to keep them by putting them on my photo album for memories sake but I lost some too, especially when the tickets were e-mail's print-out, i never keep it.
nakulayan: Ryuta - nakulayan on April 22nd, 2014 01:51 am (UTC)
Yeah, I'd only keep the actual ticket, not the print out.