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09 March 2014 @ 08:26 pm
flumpool Special Mini Live Acoustic Special Edition in Singapore 16.02.2014  
Hi There,

After attending the event in Jakarta, in a less than 8 hours, me and my friends catching up the plane to attend "flumpool Special Mini Live Acoustic Special Edition" in SWITCH, Bras Basah, Singapore.
This event was special, since it was the first time flumpool held an acoustic live outside Japan

It was held by local radio station, and we could get the entrance ticket by buying the Taiwan Version of flumpool DVD which cost SGD 32. They sold it at the venue so I didn't need to worry, at least, that was my plan.

We arrived at SWITCH around 1 PM ( I guess?) people already lining for the show. I was quite excited with the venue, since it was a pub, i mean it's small cafe, so I've predicted the atmosphere must be relaxing, especially it's acoustic! so, honestly speaking, I was MORE exciting to attend the Singapore event than the Jakarta event.

Me and my friends joined the lining, we sat, we chatted, we slept (yes we slept since we didn't have proper sleep, i wanna say that we didn't sleep at all but i remember we slept during the flight which only less than 2 hours, but thanks to "antangin" ---> Indonesian traditional energy booster , my body was better).

The DVD should be sold at 3 PM (Open gate at 5 PM), but the staff were walking around the lining, asking whether we've already got the DVD or not. So, here's what happened : the DVD was already sold out, so we have to pre-ordered it and they would send it to your home. BUT they didn't ship to overseas, so........... they offered us to keep the DVD in their office, when we come back to Singapore, we can get it from their office (I was thinking, I'll be in SG for RAD in June so yeah, and my friend already planned to go back to SG around May/June)

OKay, then we got in. That was very relaxing, it's like you're sitting in a pub, and the artist was ... flumpool!
I LOVE my seat, it's straight to ... Ryuuta.  I could see him from head to toe, no barrier, since it's only tables in front of me.

The setlist :
1. Hana ni nare
2. Over the rain
3. In my Life (The Beatles' cover) ---------> this was a nice surprise, never thought they would play it
4. Kimi ni Todoke
5. Zheng Ming (Chinese Version of Akashi)
6. Hoshi ni Negai wo ---------> I love love love it when they played it. I know, they always played it in their live, but still I was soooo happy to watch it live, I'll never get bored to jump everytime they play it live. This was an encore, since we screamed for encore. Ryuuta asked us to stand then come forward, so without no hesitation, audiences were rushing to the front and getting rid of the chairs. It feels like a livehouse said Ryuuta. lol. He was too excited, he even wanted to pass the guitar to audiences, but then the staff took it from him.

After the live, there's a talk session, the MC asked flumpool about their upcoming best album, Why Ryuuta's Mandarin was good, was it cos he had chinese girlfriend? (then Genki slapped his thigh), etc. Oh, and they talked about was there from the the audiences that was coming to their Budokan last year, and yeah, raised my hand , there were some people raising their hands too. I remember Seiji's mouth was opened when he saw the number of ppl raising hands, then Kazuki said, "give me your money (sort of like that)" lol..

The show was over around 6 PM, quite short, but it was so GOOD.
After that, we spent our time sightseeing, until 8 PM to go back to Changi Airport. (Why? because it's a place for us to sleep. Why? because our flight to Jakarta was 6.30 AM)

So, that's all, two days with flumpool, it was short but sweet memory.
and see you guys again when I see you!
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